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How long does my surgery take?
Lumbar discectomy - about 1 hour
Lumbar laminectomy - about 2 hours
Anterior cervical discectomy with fusion - about 2 hours
Interbody Fusion - about 3 hours
Craniotomy - about 2 hours
Shunt - about 1 hour
How long will I be hospitalized?
Lumbar discectomy - usually 1 day
Lumbar laminectomy - usually 1 day
Anterior cervical discectomy with fusion - usually 1 day
Interbody Fusion - usually 2-4 days
Craniotomy - usually 2-4 days
Shunt - usually 1 day
When can I bathe?
You may shower, but do not take a tub bath, use a hot tub or swim until your incision is completely healed.
  How should I modify my activities after surgery?  
  You can do most of your typical daily activities. It is OK to take walks after surgery and climb stairsAvoid lifting objects that weigh over 5-10 pounds. Avoid aggressive yard work, housework, or other aggressive physical activity.  
When can I return to work?
Returning to work depends on your surgery and the type of work you do. Your surgeon makes the final decision: it's usually four to six weeks after major surgery and a few days following minor surgery.
When can I drive?
You may travel in a car for short trips but do not drive until your doctors tells you it is OK.
Will I require physical therapy?
Ultrasound, massage, heat, cold, and therapeutic exercise decrease pain and help improve alignment, strength and flexibility. Your doctor will tailor your treatment program to your specific needs.
How long does the pain and swelling last after surgery?
It is normal to have a slightly red, swollen incision. But call your surgeon if you have increased redness, swelling or drainage with an odor. These are possible signs of infection. Fever is also a sign of infection, so take your temperature daily. A slight fever is normal the day after surgery, but call your surgeon if your temperature stays elevated.
Will the doctor prescribe pain medication for me?
Neurosurgical Associates strive to ensure that your treatment be as comfortable as possible. Therefore, patients who undergo surgery can expect to receive adequate medication to control their pain. The long-term use of narcotic pain medication however should not be expected. Individual cases differ, but as a general rule expect to receive a prescription for narcotic pain medication upon discharge from the hospital. This prescription will be sufficient to last until your first post-operative visit. At this office visit you can discuss any further medication needs with your physician. Please understand that under most circumstances you will be weaned off narcotic medication within 6 weeks after your surgery.
When can I resume sex?
You may resume sexual activity whenever you feel comfortable doing so.
In cases of cervical disc surgery, how long should I wear a cervical collar?
Wear your cervical collar for 2 weeks, especially while riding in a car and up walking around unless instructed otherwise
When do I need to come back to see the surgeon again?
Schedule a post-op appointment with your surgeon for two weeks after your surgery.

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