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What is it? Stereotactic Radiosurgery is a method of treating tumors and vascular abnormalities of the brain without resorting to traditional surgery. There are no incisions because the "surgery" is done with multiple beams of radiation focused onto the abnormal area through the skin.

Am I a candidate? There are numerous reasons to use this method of treatment. Deep locations within the brain may make traditional surgical approaches too risky or multiple masses may make surgery impractical. This is also an option when a patient's overall health or co-existing medical conditions place them at too great a risk for traditional surgery. These are just some of the more frequent reasons; your surgeon will help you decide if this treatment is right for you.

I have already had radiation to my brain; can I still get this treatment? Yes. This type of radiation is focused only on the abnormal area of the brain and minimizes the exposure to the rest of the head, so it can be used to treat areas that still persist after traditional radiation therapy.

What should I expect? This procedure is done as an outpatient and takes the whole day. You will go home after the single treatment. Your day starts in the radiology department where a head frame is temporarily fixed to your head under local anesthesia. A CT scan is then obtained. You then go to the radiation department and relax while the radiation oncologist and his team plan the treatment for you. After treatment, the frame is removed and you can go home.

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