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  • After your surgery, you will be taken to the PACU (post anesthesia care unit) also known as the recovery room. This room is brightly lit and very busy. Here specially trained post anesthesia care nurses will constantly monitor you as you recover from anesthesia.
  • As the anesthetic wears off, noises may sound louder than usual. You may have blurry vision, a dry mouth, or the chills. Your vital signs (temperature, pulse, blood pressure, and respirations) will be checked at regular intervals for several hours after surgery. Sensation and movement of your legs or arms will be checked. It is not uncommon to complain of temporary numbness in your foot, arm, or leg depending on your surgery. The nurse will be checking your surgical dressing. You will be encouraged to breath deeply and move around in bed. You are likely to feel sleepy, sore and possibly nauseous. Medication has been ordered by your surgeon and will be given, as you need it for pain and any muscle spasm you may experience.
  • While you are in the PACU, your surgeon will talk to your family or significant other to let them know how you are doing and to answer any questions.
  • The PACU nurse and the Anesthesia team decide when you can leave the PACU.

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