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The treatment of chronic lower back pain has been in the past somewhat of a frustrating experience for the patient. Some patients do well with physical therapy, while many patients do not see much improvement. It is felt that in many patients the low back pain is due to degenerative changes that occur in the disc causing little cracks that can become quite painful.

In the past some surgeons have done extensive fusion operations to try to immobilize the spine in an effort to help with this back pain. This is a large operation that requires significant degree of recovery and has surgical risk.

A new innovation has been intra discal electrothermy (IDET). This is a procedure where a needle is placed through the skin under x-ray guidance under local anesthetic. The needle is inserted into the disc which is the cause of the pain. The needle is then heated over sixteen minutes to 90 degrees centigrade. The patient is comfortable during the procedure. The heat softens the disc material initially and seals over the painful cracks. At the end of the procedure the needle is withdrawn, and the patient is able to go home. There are no significant restrictions aside from avoiding heavy lifting for the first few weeks. Patients typically find that over the next few weeks there is improvement in the lower back discomfort. It is felt that this procedure works by sealing the cracks and therefore eliminating the source of the disc pain.

This procedure is now being performed at St. Francis Hospital and so far has shown quite a bit of promise in the treatment of chronic low back pain.

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