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After changing into hospital attire, a member of the anesthesia department and the nursing staff will interview you, check your test results and medical history, discuss the type of anesthesia you will receive, review your postoperative treatment, and answer any questions you may have. Any make-up, nail polish, jewelry, or dentures will be removed and given to the family member or significant other present for safekeeping. Please use the bathroom to empty your bladder if necessary before lying on the stretcher. An intravenous fluid drip will be started and preoperative medication may be given. A blood pressure cuff will be placed on your arm and electrocardiogram leads, round sticky patches the size of half-dollars will be placed on your upper body. A pulse oximeter, which is a small plastic clip, will be placed on the end of your finger. Your blood pressure, heart rate and rhythm, and the level of oxygen in your blood will be displayed on monitors usually located near your head.
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